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About is a hub of self paced online course of engineering, science & technology. It provides varieties of course designed by professional academicians and industrial experts to enhance your skills & fundamentals. It was started by Dr. Jignesh Makwana in 2018 and within short span it became community of thousands of active learners and research scholars around the world. Dr. Jignesh Makwana is now associated full-time in developing platform to provide premium online technical education to the self-motivated students.

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Rhyni- Tech Skills & Fundamental is on a mission of redefining the technical teaching learning methods for the betterment of self motivated students. It includes change in content, syllabus, teaching methods, learning outcomes and it’s measures.


Rhyni -Tech Skill and Fundamental is aimed to help the self motivated student to rise beyond fame of degree certificate, and to acquire the latest skills required in today’s dynamic world. Vision is to change the conventional classroom teaching methods by using advanced technology like the internet and smart devices.

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Who are the Online Students?

It's not only education system, but the mindset of new generation students to acquire skills rather than cramming for grades, influenced most for changing education and it is the main reason for gaining popularity of online education at a level never before. They are self motivated, more creative and more confident than any other. They know how to use the technology wisely and always preferred smart work over hard work. They value their time and want balance equally for their life, hobbies, relations and career equally .