Fuzzy Logic: Quick start Guide

Learn fundamental of fuzzy logic and its implementation with MATLAB

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana


₹1200 ($15)

Why this course?


Understand concept of Fuzzy Logic & its implementation with MATLAB

Fuzzy Logic & ANN  (Artificial Neural Network) are two most important tools of Artificial  Intelligence & Machine Learning. This course is design to explain  Fuzzy Logic Controller in most simplified way. Course flow is specially  designed for quick start straight through applications &  implementation. It mainly focuses on implementation of Fuzzy Logic with  MATLAB toolbox and its interface in Simulink environment.

Course Summary

Who this course is for:

  • Course  is highly recommended to engineering UG/PG students of any branch to  apply power of artificial intelligence and soft computing in your  relevant field.

  • Course will provide new area of research and publication possibilities for research scholars of various field.

  • Course is recommended to all enthusiastic school students from age of 12 and above.

  • Course is for all who are curious to understand soft computing, artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic system.

What you'll learn

  • You will have clear idea about ‘what fuzzy logic is?’

  • You  will go through quick hands-on practices on various real life examples  with MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Tool Box and interface it with Simulink.

  • You will be able to apply fuzzy logic to different applications of your relevant field.

  • You will have skill to develop fuzzy logic system for various applications in MATLAB fuzzy logic tool box.

  • You will be able to interface fuzzy logic system in MATLAB Simulink environment.


  • Anyone interested to understand fuzzy logic can go through this course.

  • Course is designed to cover all branches and filed including engineering & science, medical, finance, management and more.

Course Curriculum

Ch. 1: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

1.1: Course Introduction

1.2: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

1.3: Understand Fuzzy Logic with an Example

Ch 2: Fuzzy Logic with MATLAB Tool Box

2.1: Introduction to MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Tool Box

2.2: How to add Inputs & Outputs Variables

2.3: How to add Membership Functions

2.4: How to Decide and add Rules

2.5: Analyze Rules and Response

2.6: How to interface Fuzzy Logic System with Simulink

2.7: Summary

Ch 3: Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

3.1: Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

3.2: Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

Ch 4: Fuzzy Logic in Four Easy Steps

4.1: Step 1 - Fuzzification & Step 2 - Membership Function

4.2: Step 3 - Deciding Rules

4.3: Step 4 - Defuzzyfication

Ch 5: Fuzzy Logic Based Washing Machine

5.1: Design & Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Based Washing Machine

Ch 6: Fuzzy Logic as Controller - FLC

6.1: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Controller

6.2: Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC Motor Speed Controller

Ch 7: FLC Based DC Motor Speed Control System

7.1: Simulation of Dc Motor Speed Control System

7.2: Designing Fuzzy Logic Controller for Dc Motor Speed Control

7.3: Simulation of FLC Based DC Motor Speed Control Sytem

Ch 8: Applications of Fuzzy Logic

8.1: Other Applications of Fuzzy Logic




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