Fuzzy Logic: Quick start Guide

Learn fundamental of fuzzy logic and its implementation with MATLAB

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana


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Ch. 1: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

1.1: Course Introduction

1.2: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

1.3: Understand Fuzzy Logic with an Example

Ch 2: Fuzzy Logic with MATLAB Tool Box

2.1: Introduction to MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Tool Box

2.2: How to add Inputs & Outputs Variables

2.3: How to add Membership Functions

2.4: How to Decide and add Rules

2.5: Analyze Rules and Response

2.6: How to interface Fuzzy Logic System with Simulink

2.7: Summary

Ch 3: Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

3.1: Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

3.2: Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controlled Fan

Ch 4: Fuzzy Logic in Four Easy Steps

4.1: Step 1 - Fuzzification & Step 2 - Membership Function

4.2: Step 3 - Deciding Rules

4.3: Step 4 - Defuzzyfication

Ch 5: Fuzzy Logic Based Washing Machine

5.1: Design & Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Based Washing Machine

Ch 6: Fuzzy Logic as Controller - FLC

6.1: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Controller

6.2: Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC Motor Speed Controller

Ch 7: FLC Based DC Motor Speed Control System

7.1: Simulation of Dc Motor Speed Control System

7.2: Designing Fuzzy Logic Controller for Dc Motor Speed Control

7.3: Simulation of FLC Based DC Motor Speed Control Sytem

Ch 8: Applications of Fuzzy Logic

8.1: Other Applications of Fuzzy Logic

Why this course?


Understand concept of Fuzzy Logic & its implementation with MATLAB

Fuzzy Logic & ANN  (Artificial Neural Network) are two most important tools of Artificial  Intelligence & Machine Learning. This course is design to explain  Fuzzy Logic Controller in most simplified way. Course flow is specially  designed for quick start straight through applications &  implementation. It mainly focuses on implementation of Fuzzy Logic with  MATLAB toolbox and its interface in Simulink environment.

Course Instructor

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Dr. Jignesh Makwana received Phd degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, in 2013. He is teaching power electronics, electric drives, control system & other subject in engineering colleges since last 15 years. He served as a associate professor and Head of Department, Electrical Engineering, faculty of technology at Marwadi University, Rajkot from 2013 to 2017. Currently He is providing consultancy service to many industries for product design and development related to electric drives and power electronics.

Ph.d, IIT Roorkee

Who this course is for:

  • Course  is highly recommended to engineering UG/PG students of any branch to  apply power of artificial intelligence and soft computing in your  relevant field.

  • Course will provide new area of research and publication possibilities for research scholars of various field.

  • Course is recommended to all enthusiastic school students from age of 12 and above.

  • Course is for all who are curious to understand soft computing, artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic system.

What you'll learn

  • You will have clear idea about ‘what fuzzy logic is?’

  • You  will go through quick hands-on practices on various real life examples  with MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Tool Box and interface it with Simulink.

  • You will be able to apply fuzzy logic to different applications of your relevant field.

  • You will have skill to develop fuzzy logic system for various applications in MATLAB fuzzy logic tool box.

  • You will be able to interface fuzzy logic system in MATLAB Simulink environment.


  • Anyone interested to understand fuzzy logic can go through this course.

  • Course is designed to cover all branches and filed including engineering & science, medical, finance, management and more.

See what others have to say.....


"The course is very helpful. we can create simple projects"

- Suresh K


"Good  morning, I'm not very good with English, I'm fine with you, I'm a  master's degree student in electrical engineering, I'm studying  intelligent systems, I intend to use fuzzy in my dictation, have a  certain knowledge of fuzzy, FUZZY in MATLAB, your training helped me a  lot."

- Kleber Zeitounian


"amazing course. thanks"

- C M Malakani


"One of the best course for neophyte to learn about the fuzzy tool box in Matlab."

- AAlok Manishkumar Patel


"Thanks to  the course. Finally I completed first course and got certificate. Now I  am very clear and confident about using fuzzy logic with MATLAB. Its  really an easy steps and practice to start fuzzy logic for anyone.  However mathematics are are bit less, but it well covers fundamental and  implementation with MATLAB."

- Yash M

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