Electric Vehicle Crash Course

Everything you need to know about Electric Vehicle Project & Prototype Development

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana

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Why this course?



I am Dr. Jignesh Makwana.

I have experienced during the past several years that electrical vehicle projects are gaining much attention amongst students which is obvious for today’s world’s trend toward sustainable green transportation system. Interaction with such enthusiastic students from various engineering branches, as well as other interested peoples made me realize that despite of numbers of books and resources available, students are facing problem for getting started for their Electric Vehicle Project. So I decided to design such curriculum that fits in one bucket to suit all kind of EV enthusiastic students.

If you got the point, you can guess that, this course does not include differential equations and dynamic modeling, but beside, it has much more to offer from basic Electrical Vehicle Calculations, Demonstration & Practice. This course is a bundle to provide information, knowledge and practice. This course starts with EV calculation section followed by the Electric bicycle project component and demonstration of different EV Motors & controllers. Now it turned in to community of most active EV enthusiastic students sharing their assignment and projects.

Course is not limited to these contents; many more things will be added in future that can be helpful for Electric Vehicle Project.


What this Course Includes?

This course is designed to help EV enthusiastic of all age to start Electric Vehicle Projects and Prototype Development. Please check the course curriculum or watch "Introduction" session for more detail.


Practice Assignments

At the end of EV Calculation Section, you will be excited to solve specially designed assignment for finding, EV motor rating, torque, range of vehicle and complete data sheet of your EV Project. It is not about only mathematical equations, but you will also learn about many fundamental concepts too.


No prerequisite for starting EV Project and Calculation as this course starts from basic electrical and mechanical parameters.

What you'll learn?

  • How to calculate required Average Motor Power

  • How to calculate Gear Ratio

  • Type of Electric Bicycle & PAS

  • How to calculate Battery & Vehicle Range

  • How to obtain Rated Vehicle Speed

  • How to obtain torque developed by motor

  • How to obtain motor efficiency

  • How to obtain rated vehicle speed

  • How to calculate cost of electricity bill for single charge

  • How to calculate running cost of vehicle for per km travel

  • How to calculate battery replacement cost for per km

  • How to estimate charging time from C-rating of battery

  • About different Motors, Controller, Battery, Throttle and other Mechanical aspects.

  • Starting Electric Vehicle Project and Building Prototype.

  • Connection of Motor, Controller and other Accessories.

  • About Electric Vehicle Industries of India and Startups

Who this course is for:

  • Any Electric Vehicle Enthusiastic of all age

  • Anyone interested in starting Electric Vehicle Project

  • Engineering Students working on EV Projects

Course Curriculum


Course Introduction

Basic System Parameters:

  • Basic Parameter of Electrical System

  • Basic Parameters of Mechanical System

EV Calculations:

  • Average Power Calculations

  • Motor Specifications & Calculations

  • Battery Specifications & Calculations

  • Gear Ratio Calculations

  • Battery Range in Km per Charge

  • Cost of Electricity Bill & Cost per Km

  • Battery Life Cycle & Replacement Cost

  • Battery Charging Time

PMDC Motor Kit:

  • PMDC Motor Kit

  • PMDC Motor

  • PMDC Motor Testing

  • PMDC Controller

  • Throttle

BLDC Hub Motor Kit:

  • BLDC Hub Motor

  • BLDC Controller

Electric Bicycle Projects

  • Types of Electric Bicycles

  • Pedal Assist System


Electric Vehicle Industries of India

  • Benefits of Electric Vehicle

  • Automobile Industries

  • Worldwide view on EV

  • Government Initiative on EV

  • Indian EV Industries

  • New EV Startups

  • Skills required for EV Industry

  • Conclusion on EV Industries


"Yes, it was a good match to what I was looking for. The concepts were quite clearly explained and I feel it is good for the starters as well as for people with some experience in the industry."

- Saswat Kumar Sahu



"Great understanding.....Thanks"

- Abhijit Walwadkar



"Class understand easily"

- Alankar Honrao



"Good content, learned and clarified many things on electric vehicles which were easy and confusing."

- Sanket Gurunand Howal



"Back to the basic, long time ago"

- John LeGuerrier



"i loved this course.thanks you sir.but it would be better if you had shown the mounting procedure in short."

- Nilashri P Sakhalkar



"It was good to take this course. If it had more details about testing of motors, batteries and controllers too then it will be an excellent course for beginners."

- V R Manoj Kumar



"This is the best course I have ever come across. Thank you so much..."

- Dhaval Vora



"Good course"

- Midhun Hari A

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