Harmonics Analysis & THD

Learn fundamentals of harmonics and analyse each power electronics converters with MATLAB

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana


Ch. 1: Introduction

  1.1: Course Introduction

Ch 2: Fourier Analysis & THD

  2.1: Quest to Produced waveform closed to sine-wave

  2.2: Fourier analysis & THD

  2.3: Analysis of Square Wave

  2.4: Analysis of Quasi Square Wave

  2.5: Analysis of Stepped Wave (180 mode phase voltage)

  2.6: Analysis of Notched (Multiplulse) Waveform

  2.7: Harmonics due to Inverter

  2.8: Performance Parameter of Inverter

  2.9: Summary of Harmonics Analysis & THD

Ch 3: MATLAB for Harmonics Analysis & THD

  3.1: Fourier Coefficient with MATLAB

  3.2: Fourier Series with MATLAB

  3.3: THD with MATLAB

  3.4: FFT with MATLAB

  3.5: THD in curretn waveform

Ch 4: Harmonics due to Power Electronics Converters

  4.1: Harmonics due to Inverter

  4.2: Harmonics in Rectifier

  4.3: Summary Harmonics due to Rectifier

  4.4: Harmonics due to Regulator

  4.5: Summary Harmonics due to Regulator

Why this course?


Hello Everyone!

Wishing you a have happy and healthy life. Stay safe, stay blessed.

As I experienced that many students found difficulties in understanding harmonics analysis and total harmonics distortion. This is due to fact that most engineering students are go through these important topic as a only part of their other main subject like inverter or power quality analysis. That's why I decided to built a course on particular topic "Harmonics Analysis & THD". You may like to check the detail about this course.


This course explains harmonics, requirement of fourier analysis & total harmonics distortion in detail. Main aim of this course is to help student for clearing all doubt about harmonics & its calculation methods.

First section covers method to obtain THD and harmonics spectrum of different waveform. It explains important of harmonics analysis and role of Fourier series in obtaining harmonics spectrum.

Second includes MATLAB programming & simulation tools to obtain THD as well as harmonics spectrum of different waveform. It explains about using FFT toolbox and THD function of MATLAB

Third section analyze harmonics profile of all kinds of power electronics converters and explains how it produces harmonics at different stages and effect how it affects load side as well as supply side.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for the diploma or degree students of electrical engineering, power electronics engineering, electronics engineering & power engineering.

  • This course is suitable for the person working with power electronics inverters or power quality related projects or industries.

  • This course is recommended for those who are going to use power quality analyser in their project.

  • This course is must for those who are interested in inverter or power quality related projects & dissertation works.

  • This course is useful for Mtech, ME, PG, Phd students of Electrical & Power Electronics Engineering

What you'll learn

  • What is Harmonics & why it is important to know about it?

  • What is Total Harmonics Distortion (THD)?

  • What is role of Fourier Analysis?

  • How to calculate Fourier coefficients & THD?

  • How to plot the harmonics spectrum of different waveform?

  • How to use the MATLAB's tool to analyse the waveform for power quality

  • How to obtain THD & harmonics spectrum

  • Analysis of Harmonics & issues associated with Inverter: DC to AC Converter

  • Analysis of Harmonics & issues associated with Rectifier: AC to DC Converter

  • Analysis of Harmonics & issues associated with Regulator: AC to AC Converter


  • Basic knowledge of integration is required to understand Fourier analysis.

  • Basic knowledge of MATLAB simulation is required to use THD function and FFT tool of MATLAB covered in last section.

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