Principle of Electric Motors

(GTU Solution)




Dr. Jignesh Makwana

(PhD, IIT Roorkee)

Document Prepared: Dec-2018


This solution does not mean to explain basic operating principle of electric machine in detail. But it provides how to write to-the-point answer in university exam on working principle of different electric machines. All answers are prepared assuming questions from 5 to 7 marks each. Whatsoever it does not mean of any guaranty for securing full marks. Here handwritten figures are used intentionally to have more cleared idea about writing answer in exam. 


Copyright © 2018, 2019 by Dr. Jignesh A. Makwana.



This solution is part of section 4, Electric Machine of new 1st year GTU (Gujarat Technological University) syllabus of BEE (Basic Electrical Engineering). It includes working principle of DC Motor, Induction Motor, Single Phase Induction Motor & Synchronous Generator (Alternator).

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